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Explore engineering jobs in New Zealand and advance your career with Grada Recruitment. You’ll find incredible job opportunities for engineers in varying businesses and industries here.

Whether you’re looking for career growth or a higher salary structure, we can help you. Discover a range of engineering job opportunities below, and rest assured that our team is here to help you find the perfect fit!

Why work with Grada?

Regarding engineering jobs in New Zealand, we understand the discipline and constant up-skilling this industry requires. We seek to help our candidates find exceptional opportunities that meet their needs whilst building their careers. From graduate opportunities to high-level roles, we bring candidates the best opportunities in New Zealand.

Innovative projects

Are you looking for an exciting new challenge to advance your career? If so, we can help. We feature roles that offer exciting projects that will pique our candidates’ interest and push them further in their careers.

Positive work culture

Whether you’re looking for a collaborative work environment or a workplace with a fun culture, we strive to source engineering jobs that you’ll love and enjoy being a part of. Our recruiters help you find an opportunity that aligns with your values.

Work-life balance

Flexibility is a huge component of finding a new engineering job in our modern era. With more remote work opportunities arising, we encourage our clients to offer flexible, versatile roles to stay competitive.

How do I apply?

At Grada Recruitment, we make the application process as smooth and efficient as possible. Explore available engineering roles on our job board and click on the advertisement to fill out the application. After submitting your application, our team of recruiters will carefully review it. We will reach out to you if we find a potential match with any of our clients.