It’s easy to understand why working with a recruitment agency is a good idea. Seasoned recruiters (like the ones at Grada Recruitment) possess the knack for seamlessly connecting the right talent with the right roles. They understand the needs and wants of businesses and job seekers on both a professional and personal level. This enables them to match individuals with positions that best suit their capabilities and ensures that companies find employees who possess the perfect blend of skills and values.  

Sounds ideal right? So why not consider solidifying your relationship with your recruiter even further! Exclusivity and Retained agreements present an excellent opportunity to guarantee your role receives the utmost attention and dedication, ultimately leading to the successful fulfilment with the ideal talent.   

If you haven’t come across this concept before, keep reading to explore why exclusivity and retainment can be a fantastic option for your business. 

What is Exclusivity?
Exclusivity in recruitment refers to an arrangement where a business or job seeker agrees to work solely with one recruitment agency to fulfil their respective needs. This arrangement ensures that the recruitment agency has the exclusive responsibility to fill the role and manage the job search process. 

What is Retained Recruitment?
Retained recruitment shares similarities with Exclusivity but involves additional steps. It includes the payment of a retainer fee by the business to secure the services of the agency, generally for a specified period of time. This ensures that the agency commits all their resources, expertise, and time to fulfil the role within the agreed upon timeframe.  

What are the benefits? There are numerous reasons why choosing one recruitment agency to work with exclusively is advantageous for clients.  

Passive Candidates: Did you know over 90% of the talent pool in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering are regarded as passive candidates? By granting exclusivity, we can allocate our time and efforts towards targeting these passive candidates instead of solely focusing on active candidates, who are comparatively easier and quicker to locate. This means we can tap into a broader pool of qualified professionals who may not be actively seeking new opportunities!  

Commitment: Our commitment to your business becomes absolute when exclusivity is established. We take on the responsibility of filling the role, relieving you of the burden and allowing you to focus on the more important work you do. Rather than rushing the process, we prioritise quality over speed, ensuring that the candidates presented align exceptionally well with your requirements. 

Time saved: Exclusivity also grants us the time necessary to thoroughly get a grasp of your job brief, leverage comprehensive headhunting techniques, and screen candidates more effectively.  You also eliminate the risk of candidates being introduced multiple times, which can lead to confusion and potential fee disputes. This will all ultimately save you valuable time in the long run. 

Accountability: Retained services takes the benefits of exclusivity even further. All the advantages mentioned earlier still apply, but with an added emphasis on increased accountability. By receiving upfront payment for our services, we are fully committed to filling the role with utmost dedication. The financial investment reinforces determination and focus on delivering the best possible outcomes. 

Access: A Retained agreement comprises a more detailed and time-consuming search process. This approach ensures that we leave no stone unturned, enabling us to identify and present the best possible candidates. And this top-tier talent is yours first, you have exclusive access to that candidate for 48 hours, and should you wish to proceed they won’t be presented to any other business.  

Exclusivity and Retained Recruitment at Grada. 
Our goal is to establish a genuine relationship with you, we become an extension of your business rather than a disconnected service provider. This approach guarantees open communication, transparency, and a shared commitment to enhancing your business. As we effectively represent your brand, we avoid the pitfalls of other agencies that may not showcase your company’s strengths and values accurately, this in turn protects and maintains your brand reputation. 

Our recruiters at Grada are very well-versed at recruiting for exclusive and retained roles. If you think your company will benefit from one of our Exclusivity or Retained agreements, then get in touch with one of our team members today! 

– Grada