In the fast-paced landscape of New Zealand’s built environment, staying ahead requires not only innovation but also a deep understanding of the generations that are shaping the future: Young Millennials and Gen Z. You may have come across perceptions of entitlement and a lack of ambition among our newest workforce members, but in reality, their unique blend of skills, values, and perspectives can breathe new life into your workplace and propel your company toward success  

In this blog, we’ll delve into why it’s worth considering hiring Young Millennials and Gen Z as well as some strategies to attract them effectively. 

What’s so important about these young people? 

They embrace the digital era
I’m sure you’ve heard how hard it is to teach old dogs new tricks, well the younger generations certainly don’t have that problem. Young millennials and Gen Z, have grown up in the digital age, making them incredibly tech-savvy. Their familiarity with technology can boost efficiency, fuel innovation, and assist in navigating the ever-evolving digital world! Plus, they may even teach you how to convert your Word Doc to PDF. 

They keep it inclusive.
Tired of the same old lunch chat? Young Millennials and Gen Z are notably diverse and prioritise inclusive work environments. By hiring from these generations, you can foster a workplace that celebrates different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. As the demographic of NZ changes, having diversity in your workplace not only enriches your work culture but also enables you to connect with a wider range of customers. 

They build bridges.
Collaboration across generations bridges the gap between traditional wisdom and fresh perspectives. Younger generations learn from the experience of seasoned employees, while older staff members benefit from the innovative ideas of their younger colleagues. Win-win, right? By getting younger staff integrated into your company early on, you’re preparing your organisation for the future and ensuring a seamless transfer of knowledge and leadership as older generations transition out. 

You get the WHY – And now you need the HOW. 

Time to get flexible.
Did you know the bulk of both Gen Z (75%) and Millennials (77%) express a preference for hybrid work or remote work settings? However, fewer than half of them currently have access to these arrangements. Offering flexibility in your workplace such as work-from-home or the availability to take come and go from the office as needed, you’ll resonate with the younger generations desire for autonomy and freedom. 

Who are you really?
With each emerging generation, the emphasis on social and environmental concerns grows stronger. This trend is particularly evident as Gen Z and Young Millennials make choices to distance themselves from companies that don’t resonate with their values. To address this, be sure to prominently convey your company’s values on your website and/or social media platforms. Participated in a charity fun run? Chuck it on your Instagram. Signed the 2023 Pride pledge? Display this on your website. Doing so will foster a stronger bond between potential young employees and your company. This bond could potentially be the pivotal factor that convinces them you’re the company they want to be a part of.  

A future at your company!
Gen Z and Young Millennials want well-defined avenues for career advancement and continual professional development and thrive on chances to expand their horizons.  Be sure to clearly outline the options for career trajectory so that the younger generation see’s your company as somewhere to stay long term! Simultaneously, it’s important to foster a collaborative work culture, one that champions open communication and teamwork. A 2023 survey of Gen Z showed that over 60% would choose a lower paying salary if the company exhibits a positive team culture? If you can effectively showcase your companies excellent company culture and solid employee career progression pipeline, then you’ll have no issues attracting and retaining the younger generation! 

Young Millennials and Gen Z bring a wealth of skills, values, and perspectives that can be pivotal to your organisation’s success. By understanding their preferences, embracing their strengths, and fostering a workplace that aligns with their aspirations, you can tap into their potential and create a dynamic workforce that’s ready to shape the future! 

– Grada